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For Sale our web domains ,Information as follows:

G&M Distributor LLC is  to announce that our web domian names are for Sale :


Transfers will be handled through  DomainBank /http://www.domainbank.net/

Please Note: This dosenot apply to OUR MAIN TRADNAME G&M Distributor LLC OR OUR LATHE DEALERSHIP ,CopyLathe sales and support will remain as normal.,this only applies to our addresses on the internet.STATUS CURRANTLY IN USE UNTIL SOLD.

Price for both Domains together are $165,000.00 USD Ea. is $145,000.00 USD To submit a Bid or For more information on Our Domains Please email :

our-domain-info@copylathe.com or call (802)476-8354

Feel free to check here on the latest status of G&M Distrbutors  Domain Names:
Our  Current Domain Status : Available for Sale