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CopyLathe Knives ,Profile Cutters

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AP5000 Motorised

Wood-Copying Lathe

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Applications: The Hapfo AP-5000 M Copy Lathe is designed for continuous operation by the woodturner to produce quality profiles from an actual sample as well as a template,also known to produce Balusters, Baseball Bats & Superb Alabaster Moldings,Ect....

 Description: The Hapfo AP-5000-M utilizes two copy lathe tools with a mechanical following to allow for the workpiece to be completed in one pass. The gray cast iron construction permits vibration free copying. The AP-5000 M can copy from an original sample as well as a template. The AP-5000-M has a motorized feed .




Our most popular lathe and by far the biggest seller of its type in the world and probably the United States. This is a German cast iron lathe that is so accurate that it will turn items as small as lace bobbins to as large as 11" diameter columns to a professional standard with crisp detail to match.

AP 5000M Detailed Specifications

All Hapfo lathes are hand built in their foundry in Mindelheim, Germany. Please note that accessories marked with * have to be ordered with the base machine as fitting is not possible at a later date.

Technical Specifications:

 Spindle motor: 220 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 2 HP

 Feed: Semi-Auto

 Spindle speed: 400, 800, 1000,1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3200 rpm

 by means of four-step pulley and changing of the pole of motor

 Height of centers: 250 mm (9.8")

 Distance between centers: 1600 mm (623/4"),

 Copy length: 1400 mm(55'')

 Copy diameter: Longitudinal: 260 mm (10.2") Transversal: 500 mm (19.7")


The AP-5000 M includes:

 One (1) HSS copy lathe tool

 Sharpening machine

 Return speed of carriage (0.37 kW)

 Distance between centers 1600 mm (623/4"), copying length of 1400 mm (55") (Template) (Original sample 1050 mm

 Tool Panel

 Motorized feed by means of infinitely variable electronic direct-current motor 0.18 kW

 Four-jaw chuck follower rest, 30 - 60 mm (13/16" - 23/8"), infinitely variable

 Four-jaw chuck follower rest, 60 - 100 mm (23/8" - 315/16") (max. 1250 rpm

 Original sample tracing device

 Special Live Center MK-2 with Pressure Ring

 Six-Pronged Dog MK-3, diameter 20 mm (25/32") lengthened

 Hand rest for subsequent cutting by hand (on support

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Time of Delivery:                                                

     To be determined at time of order usualy 2 to 3 weeks: Call 802-223-5329 /Note this Machine is in Stock.  

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